Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bond, Naked Bond

I just saw the new Bond movie, CASINO ROYALE and let me just say this...

Daniel Craig is completely naked in one incredibly hot scene...and its NOT a love scene with Vesper Lynd!

This picture is not from that scene - - the hottest friggin' scene in Bond Film history thankyouverymuch - - but it will give you the incentive to run to your nearest cineplex and buy a ticket to quite possibly the best James Bond we've seen yet.

And I say that not just because he's naked in that one scene...

And not just because he wears this square cut swimsuit so well...

He's gritty, he's athletic, he is raw sex in every moment and you believe that he can beat any man at any game and that every woman he meets is undressing him with their eyes.

Why wouldn't they want to undress him...just friggin' look at those abs and the gun show!

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