Thursday, November 02, 2006

Paula Deen is Coming to Town

(to the tune of Santa Clause is Coming to Town)

You better not laugh
You better not sigh
You better just say
"Hey ya'll!" and not "Hi!"
Paula Deen is Coming to Town!!

She'll use a stick of butter
Combine it with creme chesse
She'll add a cup of may'naise
"Is this low fat?" Oh, please!

You're gonna get fat
Her food is not "Lite"
You're eat Hoe Cakes
Morning and Night
Paula Deen is Coming to Town!!!!

I will gladly blow anybody with a car who will take the day off on Monday, November 20th and drive me to Skokie so I can meet my idol, the Food Network Goddess, the stick of butter to my cup of sugar, the one and only Ms. Paula Deen!!!!

Thanks to Cindy Nash for letting me know about this!!!!

Please join us for a special book signing event at your local Williams-Sonoma store.
Our book signings are a unique opportunity to meet leading chefs and authors, get signed copies of the latest cookbooks, and take home fresh new ideas for cooking and entertaining. No posed photos, please. You'll find all the details for our latest event below.
We hope to see you there.
Williams-Sonoma 113 Old Orchard Center Skokie, IL 60077 (847) 933-9803
Monday,November 20, 20061:00 - 3:00pm
Paula will only be signing copies of Paula Deen Celebrates! purchased at Williams-Sonoma. Proof of receipt required. Limit two signed books per customer.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to drive to see Mrs. Paula she will be in Chicago at Borders Books on Michigan from 7-9pm on November 20th and Macy's on State St. the 21st.

Who's lookin out for you cuz!!!

I'm bummed I missed her when she was in town last weekend. Mom was in town and I totally forgot about it.

Stephen said...

Kristie - - you are TRULY the best!!!! I wish you could be here with me when I meet her. I just might have to arrange to meet her in Skokie and twice in downtown Chicago!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there too, I just love to hear her talk.

Forgot to add she is at Macy's from 12-2pm

Alex said...

Ummm....HELLO????? If you went WHY haven't you blogged about her??

I LOVE her!

I want details! Deatils do you here? I love the Chef Bio on her. I know everything. Her failed first marraige, her two gorgeous sons, her little restaurant she started with bags of homemade sandwiches...I love this broad.

What happened???!!!!!! Have you net her yet?!!!!!


Stephen said...

Trust me, Alex - - the SECOND I meet her (Nov. 20th...I can't wait!!!), there will be blogging about her and hopefully tons of pictures of me with Ms. Paula Deen. I plan on wearing the t-shirt I bought at her restaurant this past September that says "Hey, Ya'll!! on the back (yes, I was at The Lady & Sons two months ago! The Hoe Cakes are out of this WORLD!!!). And I will probably wear the apron that the lovely Alanda Coon gave me for Christmas that says, "Put Some South in Your Mouth!" Ahhh...words to live by...

Alanda said...

Oh man...put some south in your mouth is right! Looks like November 20th is your Christmas Day this are gonna be bouncing off the walls!

Stephen said...

Yes! And my friend Ted just emailed to say that maybe...just maybe...we might hit Paula's book signing in Skokie AND her book signing at the Border's that evening on Michigan Avenue as well! If Clay Aiken fans are called "Claymates," I wonder what Paula Deen fans are called?