Friday, November 17, 2006

It's the Day of the Show, Ya'll

First off, if you don't know that the title of this blog entry is Parker Posey's classic line from WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, stop reading this right now, run to a video store (yes, they still have them!) and rent this movie RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Loving, adoring and quoting WAITING FOR GUFFMAN is to my friendships what Zoloft is to my relationship with my mother - - a necessity!

Now, to the business at hand...

Tonight is the birth of UGLY BABY!

To quote an old Joan Rivers' joke, "When my water broke, my dog drowned...and my dog lived in Jersey."

Tonight, after nearly two years from the first set of performances of the first act at Around the Coyote, we get to play in this incredibly fun world written by Philip Dawkins and directed by Eric Reda - - a world that's...well...let's just say that if Rip Taylor saw this show he would say, "Now, that's faggy!"

Last night after the run, Eric's lovely boyfriend Dan described my second act performance as the Jewish mother, Sophe, like this: "You're like Barbra Streisand on evil."

That is indeed the greatest compliment I have ever received - - much better than the woman who saw MIDLER ON THE ROOF a few week's ago and told me I remind her of Peter Allen. Not there's anything wrong with Peter Allen (I love me some "Quiet Please, There's a Lady on Stage"), but it would be nice to be compared to someone A) with at least A LITTLE testosterone and B) who was never married to Liza Minnelli!!

Hold that thought...after one of the performances of the cabaret show tribute to the JUDY AT CARNEGIE album (big show where a bunch of cabaret singers do every number from that concert in order...I sang SWANEE and AFTER YOU'VE GONE...again, "Now, that's faggy"), one of the singers told me that her husband loved watching me perform because I reminded him of Joe Cocker.


That said, I'll take Peter Allen...and I'll raise you a Paul Lynde and a Jim J. Bullock.

At any rate, wish us well for a successful birth. Tonight is open comps for everyone (10:30 p.m. at the Strawdog Theatre on Broadway) and we have 2-for-1 tickets for the next few weeks.

As for baby gifts, we are registered at Sidetrack, Little Jim's and Steamworks.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying.


Alanda said...

BREAK LEGS! All 4 of them at once during that Streisand evil play! :)

Anonymous said...

I so wish I could be there to see the show. I know you will have a phenomenal performance, break a leg.

Stephen said...

Thanks guys! I know we're going to have fun tonight - - its a really great play. I also now know what made Milton Berle a star: Man + Dress=Hy-Larious!