Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More Wisdom from the Bitch Calendar

Believe it or not, I have another quote from the GETTING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER BITCH desk calendar. Jeez, that sounds pathetic, doesn't it? What's next for me? Reading GUIDEPOSTS?

However, this one doesn't come with a contest, although yesterday Mike was very quick to point out the Tallulah Bankhead's last television appearance was on the classic 60's two - 30 - minute - shows - a - week - with - a - campy - cliffhanger - in - the - middle, BATMAN. And Michael knew that Ms. Bankhead played a Bat-Villan - - the evil Black Widow. Its heaven in two episodes.

Ah, BATMAN... a show that provided me with my first crush on a boy who wore speedos with boots.

Yes, I was in love with Burt Ward as Robin the Boy Wonder. Of course, Burt was in syndication - - a heart throb from the 60's that I tried to forget was much older than he looked on tv at 4:30 p.m. right before F-TROOP.

My other crush, Shaun Cassidy, was in no way an anacronym - - he was definitely a 70's TEEN BEAT cover boy.

You can't get much more 70's than sharing top billing with Chewy himself!

Oh, how I loved that magazine... TEEN BEET.
TEEN BEAT, indeed...

Wow, I went from Tallulah Bankhead to Burt Ward to Shaun Cassidy to masterbation a little TOO easily, didn't I?

Well, with Shaun Cassidy AND Leif Garrett on the cover of TEEN BEAT's dirty cousin, TIGER BEAT, its kind of impossible to not get a little excited.


Alright, I'm back.

Today, the GETTING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER BITCH desk calendar gives us this piece of advice:

Today is KAREN WALKER DAY - there will, undoubtedly, be an opportunity to honor
her with a well-timed, "Oh, honey, I would... but I don't want to."

Wow...from masterbation to Karen Walker...

The possibilities for this blog are are endless...

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