Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holding a Mirror Up to Dubya's Sex Ed Policy

What's that saying?

Comedy is just Tragedy plus Time.

Living through two terms of George W. "I Still Can't Pronounce NUCLEAR" Bush has left so many of us fearful for our Constitutional Rights, our lives and our belief in Darwinisn.

Just looking at Dubya makes me think, "Well, maybe Darwin was wrong."

But holding this administration's policies up to the light and looking at them through our Bullshit Viewfinder can help us laugh at the horrors around us and hopefully help a few Red Staters move from Right to Center. And since World AIDS Day was just this past Friday, here's a little response to Abstinence Only programs in schools.

The latest episode of FAMILY GUY picked up by my boyfriend Tivo this past Sunday is entitled PRICK UP YOUR EARS and deals with the Sex Ed program at the local high school being terminated and changed to an Abstinence Only program.

These three exhanges made me laugh out loud...

Lois to her husband Peter

Lois: "Peter, do you know they're not teaching Sex Ed at Chris' school?"

Peter: "Let him figure it out the way I had to - - with a can of Crisco and a shot glass. That's the natural way, Lois... that's the natural way."


Peter to his wife Lois after he decides to become abstinent

Peter: "I'm abstinent, Lois. Its all in these pamphelets Meg brought home from school. Sex turns straight people gay and turns gays into Mexicans. Everyone goes down a notch."


Finally, news anchors Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons have this report

Tom: "In local news, a sexy, new trend has emerged at James Woods High."

Diane: "It appears that students have taken to having ear sex in lieu of traditional intercourse."

Tom: "Over 200 reports of ear sex have been confirmed so far, prompting a new slogan, 'ONCE YOU GO BLACK, YOU GO DEAF.'"

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