Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I Am Woman

Contrary to popular belief, I do not own every Helen Reddy album in existence.

(Notice I didn't call them "cd's" or "mp3's" - - they are ALBUMS!! Give me a needle, a faint scratch coming through the speakers and a stack of 33 & 1/3's over an iPod nano anyday)

And even though I reference this song in UGLY BABY, believe it or not, I don't actually know it very well. But this little clip from 1973 will change that forever...

You can learn a lot from this clip.

1) Backup singers are fucking awesome - - especially when they dance in spasms like these three.

2) As we can clearly see from Ms. Reddy's 'doo, hair care products didn't really achieve greatness or popularity until the LATE 70's. (Why does her hair look like that? Didn't some fag backstage have a can of AcquNet on hand at the very least?!?!?!)

3) Wearing teal polyester slacks, a glittery teal top and a long, silk teal scarf makes you look like a sucky, unused Crayola crayon. A Halston knock-off in pastel does NOT work.

Now, where's my copy of PETE'S DRAGON?...


Anonymous said...

Hey BUBBE! Long time no see, what is up with the bald head? SEXY! God i thought you were dead! It was so nice to hear from you and on my brithday too! AAAHHHH. Thanks for checking out my blog and yours is QUITE funny. I miss you, truly! You were my first boy crush, it is hard to forget that! I will be back in the states sometime next year before setting off to australia. I would love to see you again. Please, lets keep in contact! BIG LOVE

Stephen said...

Lance - I'm so happy to hear from you to and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Now you're off to Australia?!?!? I can't wait to hear about this!!!