Friday, December 08, 2006

"Leave the Gunn! Take the Versace!"*

*The title of the blog entry is my one-letter change of a line from Philip Dawkins' play UGLY BABY which Philip tells me is a famous line from THE GODFATHER.

If you didn't recognize the line, then you haven't seen the play. Ergo, you suck.

To relieve suckiness, attend UGLY BABY as soon as possible.

Side effects of seeing UGLY BABY include:
1) Laughing your ass off
2) Enjoyment beyond imagining
3) Having your name taken off my Shit List for having not seen UGLY BABY.

Stephen's posting resumes now:

Its been a hectic few days for me. So many theatres are taking part in collecting audience donations for Season of Concern in honor of World AIDS Day which is absolutely incredible - - but as my Daddy says, "I'm busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger!"

I know... I'll stop...

Even though I'm busy, I had to make sure the word got out about this:


PEOPLE MAGAZINE online, which apparently I am going to have to begin checking EVERY DAY right after and right before (I live alone...), has this to report:

Project Runway's Tim Gunn may not be joining judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors and host Heidi Klum (who also executive produces the show) when Runway returns for its fourth season, Entertainment Weekly reports in its new issue.

returns for its fourth season, Entertainment Weekly reports in its new issue.

His responsibilities as chair of the fashion design department at New York City's Parsons school, where Gunn, 53, has worked for 23 years, make him unavailable for filming during the academic year.

Last season – which resulted in a win by bag-boy designer Jeffrey Sebelia – began shooting after the end of a semester. Next season's schedule reportedly has not been locked in.

"As we have in past seasons, we will find a way to work around everyone's schedules, and are confident the team will be back," said Sarah Rothman, a spokeswoman for The Weinstein Company, which produces the show.>>


Ya'll, we cannot let this happen. Email BRAVO! Fax them. Blow anyone and everyone even remotely connected to the show.

If you guys at PROJECT RUNGAY have any pull with those BRAVO peeps, let me just say that I breathe well through my nose, have excellent teeth placement and a non-existent gag reflex... I'm not saying, I'm just saying...

Come on, people! We all love Heidi, but Tim Gunn IS PROJECT RUNWAY. Even though he may have made some missteps on occasion...

Even the great Tim Gunn can take a moment caught on film in front of a friggin' RED LOBSTER and use those lemons to make a classy Vodka Lemonade Cocktail like this...

Now, THAT is a MY DINNER WITH ANDRAE that I would actually take the time to watch!!!

Rally the troops! Tell the BRAVO folks that they have to schedule the fourth season around Tim Gunn's schedule. Ya'll...


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Julie said...

They seriously have to find a way to "make it work" for Tim Gunn. He HAS to be on the show. What are they going to do without him??? I totally agree that the show just won't work without him. I'm just dreading that they'll replace him with a former contestant; Santino doing his impression of Tim Gunn. Yikes!