Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Joke That Will Live In Infamy?

Just how long does one have to wait to joke about a tragic event?

Is 65 years enough time?

I hope so, because I've got a joke for today and if 65 years is NOT enough time for us to deal with a tragic even before we joke about it, then this blog just might become a hotbed of controversy and I might finally start to receive the 15 Minutes of Fame that Andy Warhol promised me when I blew him in the mid-80's.

Perhaps some angry citizens will post a comment on my blog demanding that I apologize for my poor judgement in making a joke out of a possibly hurtful subject. There's a lot of apologizing going on these days. Remember when Americans had a sense of humor? Remember when we there were just three television channels? Remember when Joey Lawrence had hair... you know, pre-steroids... "Woah!"

Anyway, here's the joke that I have to tell on this day of infamy:

"I have a friend who is half Black and half Japanese.

Every December 7th, he bombs Pearl Bailey!"

Oh come on, that's some funny stuff right there. And I know from funny!

Ok, ok. To make amends, I give you this piece of Pearl Bailey on The Dinah Shore Show.

For you zygotes born during or after the Reagan Administration, Dinah Shore was a great singer with a terrific talk show... this was long before her name become synonymous with lesbian golf tournaments.

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Peggy Powell said...

Hery Babe! Insane! Congrats on those great reviews for Ugly Baby!