Saturday, June 14, 2008

My New Favorite Caption Contest #25

It's taken me quite awhile, but I've finally chosen a winner for Caption Contest #24. Once again, there were some killer captions. The first one that was entered was from Lance over at Yokel Boy Makes Good. It's one of my favorites...

Guy in grey: "He thinks he is soooo fucking hot!"

Middle guy "YUMMM!"

Guy in red: "Had him!"

But once again, Philip takes the prize with a caption that is brilliantly funny because it comes at you right out of left field...

"Just FYI: They're at a dog show."

When is some television producer going realize that most sitcoms suck donkey cock and that they NEED to hire Philip as the head writer for their new project.

And that I need to co-star in that new project as the wacky, gay neighbor from the Deep South.

Sort of a cross between Florence Jean Castleberry and Jack McFarland.

Jack Jean Castleberry. I love it!

In keeping with the tradition of pictures of supposedly straight men in extremely gay poses, here's the picture for Caption Contest #25.

You know, if the photographer had been just been just a little lower and a little to the right, this would have been a much better picture, don't you think? A much more revealing picture, anyway.

Then again, if I was the photographer and I was a little lower and a little to the right, I would be too busy with other tasks to take a picture.

And besides, I never take a picture with my mouth full.

Give towel boy a caption. Deadline for possible captions is this Sunday, June 20th at noon (CST)


TigerYogiji said...

Towel Boy: Would you like to touch my monkey? Touch him! Touch my monkey!!

Shirley Heezgay! said...

"If you bite me right here, I'm yours."

Anatomicsd said...

"Geez, Fred...does this towel make me look fat?"

Mark in DE said...

"I'm... to sexy for my towel..."

Mark :-)

cb said...

"Does this towel make my canker sore look fat?"

Wonder Man said...

it's all about Flo

philip said...

"Good hustle, boys. Now, towel off."