Monday, June 09, 2008

Planet Unicorn! OMFG!

Well, it's not a new episode of Planet Unicorn, but it is a funny spot that opened LOGO's First Annual NewNowNext Awards Show.

Planet Unicorn won the OMFG Internet Award.

Yeah, "OMFG" is now not just an obnoxious internet phrase, it's also the name of an award. Gross.

Still, we get some more Planet Unicorn, and anything that gives me more Planet Unicorn makes me very, very happy.

Planet Unicorn, HEYY!


Mark in DE said...

Planet Unicorn's "acceptance video" was the funniest part of the awards show. The rest was rather lame.

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

I LERVE Planet Unicorn!

Project Christopher said...

I didn't see this but the video is F(BEEEP)G Funny! :)
Where can we find the acceptance video?