Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

This is my Dad, Jim Rader, in the early 60's.

My father loved football. Still does.

We may not have many of the same "likes"...

In the mid-80's, my father took me to the Tennessee Theatre to see Gone With The Wind on the big screen. After Scarlett held a fistful of dirt to the sky and proclaimed, "As God as my witness, I'll never be hungry again!," my father grabbed his coat and was ready to get the Hell out of Dodge.

I asked him where he was going and he said, "Well, it's over, ain't it?"

I told him that it wasn't over, that this was the intermission.
He said, "Good God! How long IS this damn thing?!?"

I said, "Now you know how I feel at UT football games," and after that, he never made me sit through another football game. And I never made him sit through any more four hour Vivien Leigh epics.

...and we may not live in the same town, but we do love each other very much.

I wish I could be with him today. Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I love you.


whimsical brainpan said...

A wonderful tribute Stephen!

"Now you know how I feel at UT football games,"

Palm Springs Savant said...

that is so sweet Stephen!

Mark in DE said...

Your story illustrates that we can and should love those who are not 'just like us'.

Mark :-)

cb said...

Hmmm, lemme think.

Boring civil war epic that is like 2 hours too long.


Game where men in tight pants and pseudo-gladiator gear beat up on each other and the first one to force the other to the ground wins.

yeah. Tough decision.