Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The High School Tony Awards

While the theatre world is still reeling - - REELING!! - - from this past Sunday's Tony Awards...

...No, we're not reeling that In the Heights won Best Musical.

We're not even reeling that Glenn Close, who played Nellie Forbush in a tv version of South Pacific, announced that the Best Revival of a Musical was, "South PaFFific!"

We're reeling that some queen thought it was a good idea to try and play off Patti LuPone during her acceptance speech for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical.

We're also reeling that Ms. LuPone allowed said queen to leave Radio City Music Hall with his jugular intact...

...The Onion gives us the highlights from the High School Tony Awards.

High School Tony Awards Honor Nation's Biggest Drama Club Nerds

Thanks to both Philip and Walter for sending this to me. Great minds...


Anonymous said...

Seriously. I was scandalized!

Michael said...

Two things:

1 - This is HYSTERICAL.

2 - I didn't watch the Tonys. Where do I turn my card in?

Mike said...

Wait -- the Tonys happened?

As for the Onion, when I saw it I also thought of you.

I'm not sure what's my favorite "Best Performance in a Pre-Show Prayer Circle"...or the fact that the technical awards were held in the parking lot so attendees could smoke.

Project Christopher said...

Who is Patti Lupone?

Seriously, kidding!

I would ask, though, what did the queen do that was offensive? Didn't see it and, like many of the SOC Board meetings your theater talk comes across like Charlie Brown's teacher
"Waa waaa waaa wa waa waa waaaaaa Patti Lupone wa waaaa waaaa"

cb said...

did anyone actually WATCH the Tony's this year??

cb said...

Oh, and personally I would have used one of those vaudeville hooks to yank Patti's tired, broke-down ol' ass off the stage.

Stephen Rader said...

chris - It's been 29 years since she won a Tony Award and she had been up for a Tony two other times since and lost. So playing her off, especially when there was so much bullshit filler in the program, is offensive to one of the greatest musical theatre actors alive on the planet.

cb - Yes, asshole, I watched. And a lot of people watched. A lot of Chicagoans. Because it was OUR night. Chicago theatre shined at the Tony's this year with AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY and Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, etc.

And just try and yank Patti LuPone off the stage and you'll see how "tired" and "broke-down" she is. She's far from being tired or broke-down. You may not like or enjoy musical theatre, but at least have respect for the training and power that it takes to run the marathon that is the role of Mama Rose 8 times a week.

And fuckin' Merman did it without a body mic. That is herculean.

Hope I didn't offend you, baby, but you just hit a nerve.