Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

Hey y'all!!!

Well, I'm in Hilton Head, SC with my mom and my brother. After only two days on the beach, I'm already slightly sunburned, so we decided to take in Coligny Plaza this morning, have a late breakfast / early lunch, shop and hit the beach mid-afternoon when the sun is less intense.

I've discovered a few things about Hilton Head in July...

1) It's WAY too crowded.

2) SPF 15 really isn't sufficient for a man like myself who is often mistaken for Casper the Friendly Ghost.

3) College age straight boys are taking MUCH better care of their bodies these days.

Okay, so I didn't just "discover" that last one here in Hilton Head, but when hot, toned and muscular college boys are playing catch right in front of you on the beach (the real "catch," not the kind I play on Saturdays in my bedroom), you definitely discover a new praise for the male form.

I don't feel right posting without a picture of some sort, so I found this picture on the hard drive here at the Internet Cafe / Drugstore in Coligny Plaza...

It's a fish playing guitar. Sheer perfection.

I also found this picture on the hard drive...

Think you guys could come up with a caption for this boy's picture while I'm gone?

Love you and miss you!


Master Aaron said...

And I'm sure I speak for everyone who reads your blog when I say that we miss you, too! It just isn't the same in La-La Land when you're helping the straight college boys keep their balls in the air. As for a caption, I'm suggesting this: PLUCKING, WAXING, ALL-MAC-ALL-DAY AND BOTOX...AND I STILL HAVE TO HOLD MY FACE IN THIS POSITION TO KEEP THE LINES OUT!

ayem8y said...

No already! I don’t see any boogers up your nose, I think you got it. Stop asking me to look.

qlipp.com said...

Great blog! I just added you to my blogroll at qlipp.com.


yinyang said...

"That's right. Uh-huh. You know you want this."

There's my shot at the caption. :P

SPF 15 only really works for people who tan/have darker skin anyway. SPF 30 and above is good, especially the kid/baby stuff (because people don't want their precious children to fry). And remember, too, that the sun's rays are coming at you from two directions on the beach - sky and water - so even if SPF 15 did work for you, it wouldn't work for nearly as long. And, it's best to reapply sunscreen, even waterproof sunscreen, every two hours. And the sunscreen doesn't help if you miss a spot...

::steps off her soapbox before she starts on the evils of skin cancer::

khbronson said...

Caption: Yes, I have Pee Wee's haircut. Your point would be?

Miss you. See you when you get back!

Stephen Rader said...

LOVE THE CAPTIONS!!!!! I can't possibly choose a winner with only minutes to go on my time here at the Internet Cafe. One will be posted when I return this Sunday evening.

Miss you guys! And to Eric (a.k.a. qlipp.com), thanks for the add on the blogroll!!! I'll be adding you to mine asap!!!

Oh, and to yinyang - - You are SO right! I've been using the 30 since my last post and I am getting a nice tan. Not a "George Hamilton," but still, it's a nice tan!

Stephen Rader said...

P.S. Mean Dirty Pirate (ayem8y) - - Love you. Love your blog!!!

Michael said...



No, bitch, I'M bringing sexy back.

Ye Old Black Bird said...


I've been reading your blog (when I remember to) since you're Christian Bale posting - which I happened to find through Yahooooo groups - anyhoo, Yes I've been reading your blog and wanted to say Hello! I found someone whom I can read their blog cuz I made one since my Greek Hubby had me make one but then never posts in English and my Greek is teh sucketh. ;\

So yes, Hello. I'm still learning how to use this blogger.

/Raven's babblings.

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - LOVE your caption! Made me laugh out loud. Miss you too!

Ye Old Black Bird - Thank you so much for the kind words. I will be posting about Christian Bale A LOT until THE DARK KNIGHT is released. And speaking of Mr. Bale, those are some HOT pictures of him on your blog! LOVE THEM!!!

Ra-Ra-RAVEN! Okay, Just call me Raven. said...

I am obsessed with Bale *nods* and I have many LJers who feed my obsession very nicely so I get to spam them over here.

I use SPF60 on my tatt because I didn't spend all that cash to waste and or fad it and at times it isn't enough. Sometimes I wonder if there's something stronger short of just keeping it covered.

Don't burn up! ^^

zooplah said...

"College age straight boys are taking MUCH better care of their bodies these days."
College age? Isn't the average college student around 40? Midlife crisis, I tell ya!

Dovajorth said...

Am I too late? My caption:

"Zoolander? Who's Zoolander?"

Didn't know you'd post from vacation, or I would've checked sooner!