Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Big Ole' White Trash Mess

"Big Ole' White Trash Mess."

Imagine that phrase pops up in the "Answer" box on JEOPARDY!

I would buzz in and say...

"What is Britney + KFC +
Puppie + Couture?"

And I would be right.

In the never-ending chronicles of "I Didn't Think She Could Sink Any Lower... But She Has" life of Ms. Britney (Now Officially Divorced From K-Fed) Spears, there was a photo shoot for OK! Magazine. I'm sure you know this but Gossip Girls reports that during the photo shoot, Britney...

According to the peeps at OK!, Britney ordered fried chicken during her interview and kept wiping the grease on her designer dress. She also frequented the ladies room, neglecting to close the door behind her.

And it gets worse. Brit’s dog did some 'floor decorating' that ended up soiling a $6700 Chanel gown. This led to a verbal protest from the stylist.

Well, being a Southerner, I can understand about the "fried chicken" thing. If they didn't want her to wipe her hands on her dress, they shouldn't have ordered Original Recipe. Come on, y'all.

But letting the dog poop on Chanel - - even my kinfolk who live up in the mountains would say, "That just ain't right."

Well, they would say that it "just ain't right" to pay that much money for a dress in the first place.

You know how many payments you can make on your Double Wide with $6700? And we wouldn't let our dog take a crap on or in our Double Wide neither!!!

Fortunately for all of us, Gallery of the Absurd has once again taken the lemons of this celebrity tragedy, added a large amount of vodka and sugar and created a magnificent vodka lemonade work of art.

I give you :"A Stricken Britney Strikes A Pose"

Britney Spears: One Step Below Poor White Trash.

And sinking as we speak.

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