Monday, July 02, 2007

The Cost of War

A couple of weeks ago, fellow blogger YinYang sent me a link to the National Priorities Project's web site.

The description on their home page reads...

National Priorities Project analyzes and clarifies federal data so that
people can understand and influence how their tax dollars are spent.

Currently, the cost of the Iraq War to the citizens of the United States of America is over 439 billion dollars.

Of course, the loss of the lives of our U.S. soldiers is a much greater cost than that.

The number of U.S. Soldiers who have lost their lives in the Iraq War since March, 2003 as of today is Three Thousand Five Hundred and Eighty-Two.

That's 3,582 PEOPLE.

A belated thanks to YinYang for sending me to the site. I had added a counter from the National Priorities Project site which displays the current cost of the Iraq War to this blog.

Since the government isn't asking the majority of the country to sacrifice for this war - - and the leaders of this country are sacrificing NOTHING to continue the War in Iraq - - let's remember the daily cost this war has in dollars and more importantly in human lives.

And my sincere sympathies go out to those U.S. citizens who are sacrificing the most for this war - - our United States soldiers and the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, wives, husbands and lovers whose loved ones have died fighting this war.


Aaron said...

"leaders of this country are sacrificing NOTHING"

Ain't that the truth? Talk about a bunch of blustering can only hope their Viagra contributes to the strokes they so richly deserve.

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - While their deaths would move me to sing that old gay spiritual "Ding! Dong! The Witch is Dead," if they blow their hearts at on Viagra, they will leave this world FAR too happy.

I want them to die in some sort of painful, disgusting, IMPOTENT way. Much more in line with their hateful, cruel ways.