Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We Don't Serve O.J. Here

On my next drive home to Tennessee, I am going to stop in Louisville, Kentucky to have dinner at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse.

Hopefully, Mr. Ruby will be there and I will get to shake his hand and say, "Thank you."

And to think that if O.J. Simpson hadn't tried to eat there, I probably would never have heard of Jeff or his restaurant. Small world, isn't it?

Oh, you remember O.J., right? He's the guy who murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and also murdered Ron Goldman but was found innocent because his hands didn't fit in some gloves.

What the fuck is that?!?! This isn't Cinderella and the glass slipper - - this is murder, folks.

Yet, the modern world can transform murder into innocence if you have enough cold, hard cash. And unfortunately, Mr. Simpson had the cash to buy his way out of a murder conviction.

If only those NAKED GUN movies hadn't done so well at the box office.

Well, O.J. may be "innocent," but he certainly didn't eat well in Louisville.

You see the night before the Kentucky Derby, O.J. and about 12 "friends / dining companions / accomplices" were given a table in the back of Jeff Ruby's restaurant. A customer then came up to Jeff who had just seen bloody-gloved O.J. and was "giddy."

Mr. Ruby said that seeing Mr. Simpson receive so much attention, "makes me sick to my stomach. The way he continues to torture the lives of those families... with his behavior, attitude and conduct."

So, Jeff walked up to O.J.'s table and said...

"I'm not serving you."

O.J. didn't respond, so again Jeff said...

"I'm not serving you."

Then, Jeff left the room and soon after, O.J. came up to him, told him he understood and would leave.

O.J. and his friends then left. The people in the restaurant applauded.

Jeff Ruby said this about O.J. quietly leaving his steakhouse...

"It was the first time since 1994 he has ever shown any class. He showed it that night in the restaurant."

O.J.'s skuzz-ball attorney, Yale Galanter (Yale? Didn't Bush go to Yale? Fuck, I hate Yale) is trying to say this was all about race and might try to take away the restaurant's liquor license. Yale said of Mr. Ruby...

"He screwed with the wrong guy, he really did."

I have this to say about Mr. Yale Galanter and his threats of legal action...

"Oooo. Get her."

To Mr. Jeff Ruby, I say...

"Bravo. Well done."


Check out the AOL poll results...

This poll, combined with George W. Bush's current approval rating, is beginning to restore my faith in the American people.


Aaron said...

Guess what, Mr. Galanter? Liquor licenses are granted by LOCAL authorities. And do you think that Louisville authorities are going to choose O.J. over one of their own? (Here's a hint: what happened for him in his trial is liable to happen to him here.)

Mr. Ruby might get a slap on the wrist. He may even get shut down for a spell--but not for long. In the end, the locals will get their way. O.J. and his piss-ball attorney would be better off just accepting and moving on.

After all, isn't that what the Goldmans were essentially told to do?

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - How much do I love you? And how friggin' smart are you?!?!

Yes, "accepting and moving on" is exactly what O.J.'s team expected the Goldmans to do.

Maybe it's me, but if I really didn't murder two people, I wouldn't speed down the interstate in my Bronco with a gun to my head screaming on my cell phone about how I didn't do it. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Brilliant comment, as always.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I don't even like steak and if I'm ever in Louisville I'll eat there. I'm sure they'll have chicken or fish. That man rocks!

Stephen Rader said...

Whim - He does rock! Jeff Ruby deserves a medal, the key to the city and a star in his crown in Heaven for this. Wanna meet me in Louisville sometime for a little dinner without O.J.? :)

Anonymous said...

Who knew? I don't have a blog or a website so I'm anonymous.. Just a girl from lil' ol, small town, San Francisco, CA. I haven't eaten a mammal since I was 11, but I'd happily chow down on...well, one would suppose he serves fish or something... for this REAL man! Due to my personal history (someone I loved was murdered in a situation much like Ron's), it makes me physically ILL to think of this murdering, cowardly, wife-beating pig attending Gala events.... UGGGH! Thank God someone finally said no to the loser. He wants to sue? I don't know the laws in Kentucky... Here, you have the right to refuse service... But, if he does, shouldn't every cent (unlike any cent prior), go to the Goldman and Brown families? Who wouldn't make a trip for that? Ruby Rocks! So do you Stephen. Thanks for letting me vent. I've needed that for hours (since I heard of this). SR: purrrrr! And meow for sighting one o' my fave childhood books. Now I shall dream of a homeless O.J. while all the small children for the Potrero Hill Projects he luvs to claim as his own, splash about in his pool. Thank You. -Serena

Aaron said...

I LOVE Louisville, btw...I went to school in Eastern KY for a year and always drove through there. Spent a weekend with a school friend's family there once, too, and got to see the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the Vogue theatre (which is no longer, alas)...nice city, it really is. So I'm up for the road trip anytime...(and yes, these restaurants all serve chicken and fish if you don't like the beef.)

By the way, I'm loving your blog! You always keep things so clean and pretty here. How do you keep your house so neat?

Stephen Rader said...

Serena - First off, let me say that I am so sorry for the loss of the person you loved. I can only imagine the rage that I would feel if someone I loved was murdered. Please rage with me ANYTIME against this heinous man who not only got away with murder but continues to gloat about it day after day. After reading your comment, I'm pretty sure that I'm in love with you!

Aaron - I knew you had spent time in the South! I can usually feel that sense in someone and it makes me feel all good inside. And as for being "clean and pretty," if you could see my apartment, you would know that perhaps the only thing that I can slightly keep clean and pretty is my blog! But thank you for the compliment, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

In order... Thank you. I shall and thank you so ever so. You made my day! After reading your profile (although I know they can be a tad...uh...limiting), I think I'm in love with you too. Plus, always loved a man with a shaved head. All straight men, please take note! Honestly. Consider yourself bookmarked. Thanks again for all (and sorry for the typos).