Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Summer is here, and with all of the barbeques, beach parties and street fairs, it's easy to relax, let down your guard and forget about certain roadside dangers.

So, as you drive down the freeway or stroll down the sidewalk this summer, never forget...

Lohan Drives Among Us

(This kick-ass image comes from Pretty On The Outside. Check it out.)


Michael said...

The bitch is pretty impressive with her destructive ways....FOR A 20 YR. OLD!!!!!!

Put her fire crotch in jail NOW!

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - First off, how is it that a 20 year old drinks and gets into clubs with no friggin' problem? I know she's rich, but doesn't anyone hold her accountable for that HERBIE movie? Or her crap work in GEORGIA RULE?

Also, "fire crotch?" I Lohan a red head? :)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...