Sunday, May 13, 2007

In Xanadu Did Olivia Newton-John A Campy Musical Set Free

Being a Southern boy of the 70's with a January birthday, I had more than a few birthday parties in a roller rink.

So that, coupled with my love of musical theatre and campy 80's movies is slightly peaking my interest in the upcoming Broadway musical version of XANADU.

This quote from the author of the new libretto, Douglas Carter Beane, in a recent article makes me think that this production may have just the right combination of Greek myth, ELO music and "wink at the audience" camp to be a hit show...

Beane said that despite the extra story, the show will feature extensive roller skating that will spill out into the house.

Just like Starlight Express?, Beane was asked.

"Yes," he joked, "minus the depth. T
hat's what we're going for!"

Sarcasm like that on Broadway?

"Well, that hasn't happened in the whole history of... the whole history!"


Lance's friend said...

The reason there have been no comments is...what can you say about that?

Stephen Rader said...

Lance's Friend - Amen. But I'm telling you, if XANADU bring back "roller boogie," I'm moving to Canada.