Sunday, May 20, 2007


To all the fan boys out there who seem to have nothing better to do with their lives than "armchair quarterback" every single, solitary comic book that hits the stands, I want to tell you something...

"Get off DC Comics' back!"

Geez. Anyone who read both DC's 52 and Marvel's CIVIL WAR will tell you that DC mopped the floor with Marvel in that round.

How long did it take Marvel to publish 7 measly books? Nearly a year. Oh, and how many weeks are in a year? That's right - - 52!!

DC published a book a week featuring multiple characters, and while some issues were better than others, they were still miles above the under-whelming ending of CIVIL WAR.

The fan boys didn't enjoy DC's WORLD WAR III and I thought it was wonderful. Four books encapsulating the entire arc of the story that came out on the same day!!! I loved it.

And now that COUNTDOWN has begun, I've already read one blogger who can't believe that DC killed Duela Dent in issue #1 and another who said that since nothing has happened in the first two issues, he'll probably stop reading it.

Hello?!?!? THEY KILLED DUELA DENT!!! Doesn't that count as something happening?!?!?

If you boys and girls think you can do a better job than the writers at DC, then go do it. Since you won't do that, just sit back and enjoy the ride - - especially since COUNTDOWN's year-long ride is only two weeks in.

And for being only two weeks in, can you get any better than this image for the cover of issue #2?

You may not be able to see it when the image is this small, but The Joker is holding Jimmy Olsen's press pass. One of the teaser ads for COUNTDOWN has been "Jimmy Olsen Must Die" and here is the Clown Prince of Crime holding Superman's Pal's ID! I love it!

When I walked on the bus last Wednesday holding this book, people were staring at the cover. Fan boy or no, The Joker, especially when he's drawn this well, is still disturbing.


Of course, I'm also drawn to the amazing covers of the new Justice League of America and the new Justice Society of America. The current cross-over with these two books, featuring prominent members of The Legion of Super-Heroes from their pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths incarnation is one of the best things going right now.

And what's not to love about hunky Hawkman and red-hot Red Arrow?

Now, do you understand why I was drawn to comic books as a young FIG (Fag In Training)?


For those of you keeping score at home, Red Arrow started out as Green Arrow's sidekick and was called Speedy.

Then, he got hooked on drugs, but we all saw that coming right? I mean, his name was "Speedy" for God's sake.

He kicked the habit and a few years later joined the Outsiders under the name Arsenal. And just recently, he was asked to join the JLA under yet ANOTHER name, the aforementioned Red Arrow.

You think LOST is confusing? You have no idea.

But I will put up with the name changes and plot twists if Alex Ross and others continue to draw Red Arrow and other men in the DC Universe in a more... ummm... shall we say "anatomically correct" way.

"Hey, Red Arrow. Is that an arsenal in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"


But that little pic of the former Speedy isn't the best. This image of who is to become the next JSA member from the "Steel" family - - this new one being named Citizen Steel - - shows the best two-dimensional basket I've seen in a long - - and I do mean LONG - - time.

Meet me at the comic book store on Wednesday? I'll bring the lube.


Aaron said...

I read comics when I was 10 and 11 yrs old. I read all the DC ones because they had all the good superheroes: Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Flash...they also had really good back-stories of the villains, so you understood why they turned out the way they did. The detail was amazing, too. I remember in one Batman comic, you could clearly see that they villain was driving a Datsun (as they were called then) 240Z. I was blown away and continued reading until I discovered Dirk Benedict a year later...:-)

And of course, there were the live-action shows that cropped up in the late 70s. Besides Wonder Woman, there was the Hulk and a Spiderman series starring one of the kids from "The Sound of Music." Trippy!

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - Many a man has been drawn away from the grandeur of comic book collecting by gazing upon the tanned and toned frame of Mr. Dirk Benedict. I was tempted, but never strayed from my dorky ways.

I definitely made the wrong decision. I mean, does Dirk force you to spend $30 a week like I spend on comic books? He does? Oh... ummm... well... :)