Wednesday, May 23, 2007

George & Googie

I am off to sing at an event. What event? I have no friggin' clue.

My friend Mike Checuga found himself in charge of a fundraising event that had no entertainment. This was less than a week ago. Again, the event is tonight.

Apparently the person originally in charge of booking entertainment for this fundraiser - - who had, I'm imagining, months to prepare - - has aspirations of one day working for FEMA.

So, Checuga asked me to sing a couple of songs and the incredibly talented George Howe is helping me out by accompanying me on the piano.

What are we going to sing? We don't know. Should we know? Yeah, probably.

But never fear, George can play anything. George's knowledge of pop culture and musical theatre is mind-boggling. Luckily, he has been uploading some classic pieces of America entertainment onto YouTube for all of us to enjoy.

When I saw that he had uploaded this clip, I peed. Literally. I peed. And I kind of enjoyed it.

What's the clip? Well, here's George's YouTube description of the it...

Rita Moreno reprised her Tony Award winning performance of Googie Gomez for the film version of Terrence McNally's 70's gay farce "The Ritz".

Legend goes that when she accepted the award as Best Featured Actress in a play, Moreno was heard to quip, "The only things I supported were my tits."

Love Rita. Love George. Love singing at events with no rehearsal and no idea who the audience will be.

We, who are about to be laughed off the stage, salute you.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Break a leg!

Lance's friend said...


Alanda said...

wow, how'd it go?

Eugene said...

I have to remember not to watch your clips at work while I have my office door wide open and my mouth full of lunch. I now have to clean up my half eaten lunch off my desk. Excuse me...

Aaron said...

How DID it go?

And was that Jack Weston in the clip, wearing that HORRIBLE wig?

Stephen Rader said...

Whim & Lance's Friend - Thank you!!!

Alanda - It went well. I had a chart for MAKING LOVE ALONE and then George came up with a great arrangement for JUST IN TIME.

As for the event itself - - it was like George and I were booked on an episode of THE DONNY & MARIE SHOW or something. There was a 10 year old hiphop dancer, a British stand-up comedian, a Chinese stand-up comedian, a couple of ballroom dancers, a singer-songwriter playing his guitar, a fag singing showtunes (me) and Checuga in drag. "Surreal" doesn't even BEGIN to describe the evening.

Eugene - Sorry about your desk and your lunch!!

Isn't that the funniest damn thing you've ever seen in your life!!?!

Aaron - I'm not sure if that is Jack Weston in the clip, but for all I know Jack Weston was one of the acts at the event I was in last night!!!! :)