Friday, January 22, 2010

"You Can Fly!"

My friend Michael Pacas sent this to me. Today. My birthday.

I feel like Kal-El himself!!!


Aaron said...

Happy Birthday!! And because I'm not supposed to say only that, I'll also say, "Your facelift turned out great!" (Yes, yes, I know you didn't have one. But at least I said something else!)

Sean said...

Happy Birthday....and many more!

cb said...

Happy 45th birthday, stud!!

That's a real milestone! Celebrate big!!


Bryant said...

Happy Birthday, sweet pea! All I can say is that I am surprised that a young stud like yourself is dating a broken down old man like the one you have been seen around town with! :)

Stephen said...

Happpy Birthday! I hope I look as good as you when I am your age!
Who doesn't love a singing, dancing, acting Stephen R with a shaved head, & with a January birthday, huh?

I remain a huge fan. I look forward to seeing tread the boards someday... or better yet- working with you sometime. I still think we could be smashing as Mame & Vera!

Love you & love your blog!

Stephen said...

Mame:& how old do you think I am?

Vera: Oh, somewhere between 40 &...Death.

Mike, Studio city said...

Happy Birthday, and many many more.