Friday, January 08, 2010

Fratboy Friday


He's a bad boy. But apparently, only from behind.

Does that mean his front side is strictly vanilla and uber-boring in bed?
Or is he trying to de-emphasize his miniature penis with that large, thug-inspired tat?

No, I'll bet he's a total bottom and also (ironically) hung like a horse on growth
hormones and trying to keep the focus on his "bad boy" ass. Trying to hide his candy.
So no one will whine and beg for it.

Which is why, if I was a total bottom (shut up... don't say it... I said shut up!), I would get the same tattoo on my back. See how hard it is to figure out how to live with a huge penis?



It's not easy to give the camera that much testosterone-infused
intensity when you're standing in front of a wallpaper border that
almost makes Holly Hobbie look like Lady Gaga...

But Mr. Joe Boxer McGunShow here really pulled it off.

(That's not all I'll bet he could pull off...)



Mama was right! You CAN buy just about ANYTHING
at those new Super Walmarts...



You know? That song from the musical "Chicago"? I think this is their staging of it.

This is what would happen if only straight men did musical theatre. All of it - - the direction, design, costumes, etc. This is the kind of show we'd be watching.

Young, dumb and full of cum, tight-bodied, drunken, naked college boys singing showtunes
and putting on musical theatre performances...

You don't ever have to do a Google search for "Stephen's Idea of Heaven."
You just read it.


Sean said...

If only straight men did musical theater, there would be no musical theater.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I agree with Sean Though. Lmao, I am a total bottom... and I tattooed "unbreakable" on my back.... i consider it a challenge.

Mark in DE said...

Great photos and commentary, as usual. :-)

Java said...

Yeah, that wallpaper border really kills that guy's bad ass look.

Michael Rivers said...

Oh those silly frat boys! Just can't wait to get naked together.

cb said...

I do like the misters' cellophane.

Stephen said...

Thankfully you are fully versatile so you can your BAD BOY tat front & rear. The 1 on your back side should be written in "mirror" so that you can enjoy it while gazing at your ass.

I am looking forward to that all straight man production of GYPSY.