Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Lying is Done with Words and Also with Silence"

Last night, Congressman Joe Wilson interrupted President Obama's speech by screaming the word, "Liar!"

Good for Congressman Wilson.

Not that I agree with him. Not in the least. But, think about his actions in a different light.

Senator John McCain called Wilson's interruption, "totally disrespectful," adding that, "There is no place for it in that setting, or any other, and he should apologize for it immediately."

Bruce Maiman of the Examiner went further, saying that Wilson's outburst, "was an extraordinary breach of congressional decorum and a disgusting display of poor manners."

I'm sorry, are we enjoying high tea at the Palmer House or are we trying to run a country here?

Not that we're going to get a Hell of a lot done in Congress (as if THAT'S ever been an issue in Congress... getting TOO MUCH done...) if we allow screaming and ranting and "The View"-style backtalk in the chamber, but last night, Wilson showed us once again that Republicans have balls - - balls that the Party of Pussies, the Democrats, can only dream of feeling swinging between their legs.

Because if once - - just ONCE! - - in the eight year reign of George "Dubya" Bush, a Democrat had shouted "Liar!" at any of the gross untruths that man shoved down our throats over and over again, perhaps we wouldn't be in the ungodly mess we are in now. A mess that even a Barack Obama can't seem to get us out of because he's too busy trying to convince the Glenn Becks of the nation that inspiring children to stay in school and learn is not "Marxist brainwashing."

Say what you will about the Republicans, but even when their party is at an all time low, they have their talking points down. And they know that it's better to do something and apologize for it afterwards, than ask permission, be denied and never gain any footing whatsoever.

What do the Democrats have? The "public option." A confusing term they can't seem to explain, agree upon, figure out a way to promote, or decide if it should or should not be a part of healthcare reform.

The Democrats remind me a lot of the Gay Community. Again and again, I think, "What's it going to take to get these people angry enough to stand up and fight for themselves?" For gays and lesbians, Prop 8 did that to a limited extent. But the Democrats? How much Fox News bile are they going to swallow before they spit it back in all those ridiculous, bloated, Right Wing faces?

I look forward to a day when a Democrat becomes so enraged during an official speech that their behavior is described as "an extraordinary breach of congressional decorum and a disgusting display of poor manners"

Because what is there to fear? In Bruce Maiman's Examiner article, he claims that Wilson wrote his "political epitaph" last night ("the man who called the president a liar"), reporting that the Congressman "had taken a brutal beating on his Twitter page."

A "brutal beating on his Twitter page"?!? Gee, how horrible. I'll bet all the sons of bitches who were tarred and feathered hundreds of years ago would consider themselves lucky that they never had to endure a "brutal beating on their Twitter page."

Why do the adults in this country continue to talk like and live their lives as if they were all 8 year old girls passing notes in a middle school math class?

Come on, Dems. While your chastising Congressman Wilson, will you take a few notes?

Or better yet, just get fucking angry.


AJohnP said...

Well said!!!

yinyang said...

I absolutely agree with you that the Democrats should get their shit together. But I find it highly insulting that you used a term for my genitals to refer to the Democrats' cowardice, and yours to refer to the Republicans' assertiveness. Me and my pussy are not in any way associated with the Democratic party, nor cowards, and neither are a whole lot of women. And your balls don't make you better than me.

Polt said...

I will agree that the Dems need to grow some backbone, however, I will in no way condone what this guy did last night. It's the epitome of the crap going on in town hall meetings: yelling over, shouting down, and screaming at someone who has a different opinion then yours. And worse still, not allowing the other person to state or explain his position.

that's not debate or dicussion, that's just argument. And it's rude, disrespectful, uncivil and illmannered.

When the president is speaking, and you're sitting in front of him listening, you do NOT heckle him, if only because he's the freaking president. you wanna call him a liar? Do it afterwards in front of the cameras. But have some respect for the office, and frankly yourself, and don't act like and idiot at that moment.

If a Democrat had done something similar during one of Bushie's speeches, I'd feel the same way towards him. You don't have to applaud, you don't have to stand up and cheer, but by God, you WILL show respect to the office, if not the man. Even if it's George W. Bush.

Having said all that, though, I'd like to reiterate my first point, I really REALLY wish teh Dems would find themselves a set of cohanes and just get this shit DONE!


Project Christopher said...

"I'll bet all the sons of bitches who were tarred and feathered hundreds of years ago would consider themselves lucky that they never had to endure a "brutal beating on their Twitter page."

To quote another American Icon... "Spoken like a true smartass!"

I agree with you. I couldn't help but think how utterly harsh the Dems would have been lashed at (and cursed to hell) if they had done it during the Bush reign of terror.

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

Well said. And now I keep imagining the Statue of Liberty in a short T-shirt that says "Brat" on it.

I loved this so much that I had to leave a longish response.

Wonder Man said...

great post

Aaron said...

Come on, guys, Obama had a microphone! How is this guy going to talk over him.

Java said...

I'm embarrassed that the fool comes from South Carolina. Srsly.

yinyang said...


philip said...

All just say this: British Parliament.

Watch it. And they're supposedly better behaved than we are.

The Promiscuous Reader said...

Thanks for the post, Stephen. I agree completely except for the business about pussies and balls -- I'm with yinyang on that. (There's something especially absurd about gay men using homophobic and misogynistic imagery. Whenever a fellow faggot says that something "sucks," my first response is, Oh, good!) But I wrote a similar post on my blog about Wilson and the reaction to him; your basic point is great.

Of course, the reason why the Democrats won't stand up against the Republicans is that the Dems are Republicans Lite. Obama doesn't really want health care reform, or to cap executives' salaries, or end our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, or end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." All he wants is reelection in 2012, but at the rate he's going, he can probably kiss that goodbye.