Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"I Like 'Em Round, With Somethin' Somethin'"

I saw this over at Seduced By the New... a few days ago.

Not this picture, but the site that it came from.

My new favorite blog - - People of Walmart.

Yes, this woman was found inside a Walmart. Shocker.

You walk down the aisle of plumbing tools and there she is, Queen of the Muffin Top.

I'm sure we're related. Somehow.


TD said...

That site is never up when I hit it, but I love the stuff others post from it.

That sure is an impressive roll she's got going.

Amy said...

I linked you on this post. I suddenly feel so much better about myself...

Doctor K said...

And to think that she thinks that someone finds her attractive in that outfit.

Or, horrors of horrors, someone DOES find her attractive in that outfit.

Missie said...

LOL!! I have seen women dressed like her in walmart! LOL

Prospero said...

My friend Roaslie sent me this link today. It immediately went onto my Favorites list!

Java said...

I love that blog! It's so... familiar.

The biggest event in town was when the new Super Wal-Mart opened a few years ago. I live in hillbilly hell.