Monday, September 28, 2009

"Claude Rains on the Tackle"

Yesterday, The New Boy and I were talking about how quickly new television shows get the axe these days. Two, maybe three episodes will be aired and if the numbers aren't the size of Kanye's ego, the plug will be pulled.

And anyone who agrees with that kind of decision making, even for financial reasons, should go back and watch the first three episodes of the first season of one of your favorite TV shows. You will realize that, like fine wine, good cheese and me in the morning, some things need to be left alone and given some time before they're judged.

As Billy Crystal's character, Buddy Young Jr., once said when describing his 3 episode long, insult comedy kid's show...

"It was a good television show. It was on the Claude Rains network. It disappeared before it came."

P.S. The elevator in the building where I work is (yes, I'm using this word) janky. Jank-o-rific. It's so janked up that, three and four times between "L" and "21," it stops on floors where no one gets on or off.

When this first started happening, I would try to make light of it by saying to the people in the elevator with me that Claude Rains must be getting on or off. But no one - - and I mean NO ONE!!! - - got it. At all.

After I dumbed down the reference and said that The Invisible Man was getting on and off, they would laugh. Okay, they would titter.

Every joke can't be a zinger, folks. Geez...


Aaron said...

Conrad Veidt was delightfully evil in "A Woman's Face."

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

I got it eventually, but - I confess - at first I was confusing Claude Rains with Claude Akins. I thought it was some Planet of the Apes joke that I wasn't getting.

And welcome back. You were missed.

Polt said...

I thought the elevator joke was funny because Claude Rains is dead...isn't he? I wouldn't have gotten it either until you mentioned the Invisible Man. Sorry.

Hope your vacation went well.