Friday, September 04, 2009

"I Don't Know How It Got There, Just Get It Out!"

Fail Blog considers this to be a real estate "House Advertisement Fail."

But you know, I think it's a "House Advertisement Win."

Seriously. This ad would definitely convince me to buy.

The house, not the dildo.

The dildo would just get lost.

In me and my toy closet.

Notice I didn't say "box."

About me or where my toys go.


philip said...

Okay, so as you know, I use my big black dildo as a desk paper weight.

This is true.

And it sits straight up --just like the one in this picture-- on my desk in my living room.

Last week, I come home to find a note in my floor from the maintenance men saying they had to enter my place while I was out to check my smoke alarm batteries. And there was the note. . .sitting right next to my big black dildo.

Ever since then, all the dudes in my building have been giving me the "funny" smile. I'm not sure if my popularity just went up or down.

Or if my condo is tame compared to everyone else's units. . .

Michael Rivers said...

One time I stopped by a friend's house and I used the restroom. He must have been enjoying himself earlier in the day because there was a dildo laying on the counter (drying off).

I left the restroom and started to laugh. He didn't even have to ask why.

Gyaos97 said...

Is it just me or do those things on the bottom shelf resemble lube bottles?

Mike said...

Let's take an inventory of that bookshelf:

1) Too many candles
2) Remote Control Cars
3) Dildo
4) Computer Programming Books
5) Shelves crowded with other knick knacks that don't match such that they will fall off if you try to get anything off the shelf

With the exception of the fact that we keep the circled item out of site in the suitcase (less because of shame and more because of cats), this is pretty much our living room.

Mike said...

Oh yes, I agree - those things do look like lube bottles... which strangely is far, far tackier than leaving your toys out...if that, in fact, is what it is.

Java said...

Plenty of good storage space in that home. That's a good selling point.