Monday, June 01, 2009

"You Get a Line and I'll Get a Pole"

Thanks to Yellowdog Granny for posting and letting me know that today is Andy Griffith's birthday.

My father is a big fan of The Andy Griffith Show. And to me, my father is Andy.

Yes, I know that makes me Opie by default, but since Andy Taylor never shacked up with either Ellie or Helen, that sort of makes my stepmother Aunt Bee.

And that thought is... enjoyable...

There's something about the way that Andy talks to son that reminds me of my father. Sure, I'm cynical and overly jaded, but every time I happen upon the episode where Opie stands up to the bully and proudly comes home to show Andy his black eye, I start crying. And I don't stop until the end credits finish rolling.

I guess it's because Andy treats his son with respect, and in addition to being his father, he's also his friend. A family that chooses to become friends.

And for awhile, my father and I were friends. Best friends. And I miss those days.

Years ago, my stepmother asked me why I hate her so much and I bluntly said, "Because you took my father away from me." What I should have said was, "You took my best friend away from me."

So, while you may laugh at Andy and Opie when you watch them, I tune in and occasionally get a little piece of my father back.

There's nothing better.

Well, maybe if the episode contains The Fun Girls. That's a little better.

Come on, Jean Carson as Fun Girl Daphne croaking the words, "Hello, Doll!"

That's the best!


yellowdog granny said...

me too...andy always reminded me of my daddy...and he thought andy griffith was the best..right up there with james arness and john wayne. he changed his mind about john wayne later on but never about andy..

Prospero said...

Damn! That story makes my father seem like "Dr. No" or some some shit! His second wife was welcome to him and got everything she deserved - nothing but a stack of medical bills which bankrupted her. I almost felt sorry for her, but she was the idiot who married him. Better he bankrupt her than my mother, right?

Amy said...

awww, honey... :-/

::hug hug hug::

Wonder Man said...

those were the days

kansastock said...

Ok, not an Andy comment, but because your great posts on Bea Arthur recently, I noticed the Golden Girls were on Hallmark Sunday, so I had to tune in... for EIGHT HOURS! I was cackling like a junior high girl from start to vodka induced finish. The only line I remember was Blanche saying 'I was as nervous as a virgin at a prison rodeo'.

Anatomicsd said...

All the Andy Griffith...wholesomeness...always left me a little nauseated.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Mt. Airy, Nc, the real Mayberry. I lived in the Theater district. Well I lived a block from the Andy Griffith Playhouse, two other queens lived beside it and another gay guy lived across the street. That was about it for the gay folks in Mayberry. Good times.

Aaron said...

Hugs from me, too...I know how hard it is when families dissolve. :-(

I grew up on Andy Griffith...he reminded me a lot of my grandfather. I fondly remember the Fun Girls episode (Skippy and Daphne--who couldn't love girls with those names??) and I once saw a marathon where they interviewed the actors/actresses. Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou) talked about that episode and how much fun those two girls were to work with.

I also loved Jean Carson as the prison escapee in the episode where they hide out in the cabin outside town. Which always reminds me of my favorite line, spoken by Reta Shaw:

"If Sally wants to dance, ya DANCE!"