Friday, June 19, 2009

Fratboy Friday


Oh, Mr. Right?... Mr. Right?...



A man pitching a tent in the woods
is always fun to watch, isn't it?



What a treat it would be if I woke up to these four.

"It's a wake up call, it's a buffet!
It's a wake up call, it's a buffet!..."



Drinking alone is a bad sign, but drinking alone when you're naked
and standing in front of an open door is a lovely invitation.

My kind of Welcome Wagon.


Damien NZ said...

I drink alone all the time - how bad can it be ? :)

Kevin said...

there's a slight possibility that i actually know mr.Damn,I was drunk last night.

Stephen Rader said...

Damien NZ - Well, so do I, but isn't that what they say. Whoever, "they" are, that is. "They" never have liked me. :)

Kevin - Really. You know Mr. "Damn, I Was Drunk Last Night"? As Truvy says in STEEL MAGNOLIAS, "I think there's a story there." Spill. All of it. Did you take pictures? God, I hope you took pictures...

Java said...

Here are my frat boys. I missed them last night.

I particularly like Mr. "Damn, I Was Drunk Last Night."

Kevin said...

Pictures? yes, i have a couple. let me track them down. i'll scan them and send them to you. i'm telling you...the resemblance is uncanny.

as for "a story" no story. just an employee of mine that I used to PRAY would rollerblade into work with shorts on. I'd recognize those legs anywhere.

james said...

'pitching a tent in the woods' ha, that's funny. And hahhhhttttt!