Thursday, June 18, 2009

"What Have You Learned, Dorothy?"

I learned so much from comic books. For instance, these panels tell me...

1) Cap introduced Bucky to a game he called "Grab the Stick."

2) Bucky is now an adult and his left arm is completely bionic.

3) Never play "Grab the Stick" with Bruce Banner.


1) The Dark Knight LOVES getting hosed down.

2) The Boy Wonder is REALLY GOOD at hosing people down.

3) If you want the sounds of "SHHOOOSH" filling your cave,
always choose a ward named Dick.


1) Superman can already see through Jimmy's clothes and if he wanted Jimmy naked,
he could strip him at super speed, but instead, Clark sets up some intricate plan
that ends with Jimmy stripping in front of Lois.
Superman is a total perv.

2) Jimmy loves proving that the carpet matches the drapes.
Especially in public.

3) Lois gasps and stutters, but she hasn't taken her eyes off of
Jimmy's strip show for a second. 'Atta girl!


Java said...

Tell me why there's a big black splotch on the crotch area of Superman's outer-undies. I want to learn that.

I thought Lois had a thing for Superman. Why is she so fascinated watching Jimmy strip down?

Don't you wish you had on-demand X-ray vision to check the color coordination on a hot guy's body? Or perhaps for the noble purpose of checking if a hot guy has any tats? It should be on-demand X-ray vision, though, because there are thousands, nay millions of people you DON'T want to be checking out at that level.

Wonder Man said...

I love it

Anonymous said...

I love the interpretation that you have for the comic strips, its nice to know that I am not the only one with sick and demented MIND! yay!

Anatomicsd said...

Taking innocent comic book panels and giving them overly sexual connotations is why I love you so much.

Project Christopher said...

you, my dearest of friends, are not right.....

Mark in DE said...

LOL - love it!