Monday, June 15, 2009

"Oh, Tell the One About That Boy!"

I casually mentioned this yesterday, but I think the time has come for me to give myself a little plug.

Go ahead. Say it. Say, "Won't a little one just get lost up in there?"

Sure it will. But you're forgetting that it's going to bounce and rub up against all the high school rings, tchotchkes and wayward sailors already lodged up there. Fun.

It's like a pinball game in the privacy of my own body, and I'm screaming...

"Tilt! Tilt me, damn it! TILT ME!"

Which brings me back to the show I'm going to plug, because what better way to promote my talent as a storyteller than me talking about the things that can be found inside my ass.

I probably won't have any friends in the audience this Sunday after talking about all that, but Richard Gere just purchased a front row seat for this Sunday's Pride edition of the 2nd Story Series at @mosphere.

What is 2nd Story? Well...

"2nd Story is a hybrid performance event
combining storytelling, wine, and music
that is produced by the Serendipity Theater Collective as both a Monthly Performance Series and an Annual Festival."

These events are like nothing else in the city. They're fun, interactive, and the performance style is incredibly engaging. I think of it as part monologue, part drunken friend telling you a story for the first time.

And since they've asked me to be a "Guest Storyteller" this Sunday, my 10 minutes are going to probably lean more towards the "drunken friend" side of the equation.

I've hosted this Pride edition of 2nd Story for the past two years, because Serendipity graciously donates the proceeds from this event to Season of Concern. But this is my first time storytelling. And I'm a little nervous. Because the form might sound simple, but it is radically different than anything I have ever done before. Which is why I love it!

So come see me this Sunday at @mosphere. The $10 goes to Season of Concern (and we very are in need of funds right now), the show starts at 7pm and I'll be telling a story about someone I used to know. Intimately.

That should scare tons of people into coming.

And if that's not enough of a reason to attend, the boy in this picture is Byron. He's reading a story on Sunday, too.

Even if my performance sucks and my story is horrible, you'll still get to look at Byron. Up close. For $10. And let's face it, we've all paid a lot more and received a lot less when it comes to boys as cute as that. Okay?

Hope to see you there!


Java said...

Seriously, Stephen, I would really like to be there! Of all the things you've plugged (damn, this is fun) since I started reading this here blog thingie, this is the one I most want to go to. So far.

Maybe I'll have an honorary glass of wine on Sunday, just to feel a little closer to the action.

Stephen said...

I would love to be there also! I am sure it would be worth the 2000 + mile trip.
Break A Leg!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait! And hopefully you can make to Solo Homo 7 @ Strawdog the night after (or Tues or Wed) where people can ALSO see Byron.

Guess I'm also plugging my show here too. So I'll leave the web site: Hope that's not tacky. ;-P

Michael said...

I'd love to come. But LA CAGE calls......and how about giving this guy a plug? And I mean my show, not me. ;)

Ryan Barrett said...

Michael and I will be there with bells on and balls out.