Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Wil Wheaton Currently Ranks Sixth On My All-Time Enemies List"

I can't think of anything more disturbingly appropriate for today's Super Tuesday post than these images and this short clip from last night's episode of "The Big Bang Theory."

It's obvious that the guys lost a bet. No self respecting fanboy would CHOOSE to wear Halle Berry's Catwoman costume over Julie Newmar's or Michelle Pfeiffer's.

Hell, I'd wear Leslie Gore's Pussycat costume before I'd get into Halle's pussy, or cat, or costume. Oy...

And as much as I love Jim Parsons as Sheldon, his Wonder Woman is nothing compared to Lynda Carter's. But, I imagine he can spin into his costume with more grace and style than Debra Winger did, though.

And compared to Cathy Lee Crosby's Wonder Woman, I'll take Mr. Parsons as Sheldon as Princess Diana ANY DAY!!!

And I do mean, "take." That boy's cute!


Sean said...

It was a really fun episode.

Anonymous said...

Wheaton is a perfect bastard on that show. Love it.

Stephen said...

I have a thing for Mr. Parsons also...I am late to getting to like this show.
BTW- I saw Johnny Galecki naked & close up... he is talented.