Sunday, April 04, 2010

"I Don't Know How I Get to Where I Don't Know Where I'm At"

My father has a saying: "It ain't braggin' if you done it!" So, since I'm at least partially responsible for what's been done, forgive me for tooting my own horn. So to speak.

The opening night of "Hello Again" went extremely well. So much so that the production has been Jeff Recommended.

What the frack is a Jeff Recommendation? Basically, a Jeff is the Chicago equivalent of the Tony Award. Only, this recommendation doesn't mean that the show or anything in it has been nominated for a Jeff... Necessarily. It just means that Jeff judges are now free to give us a nomination. Or not. Simply put, the recommendation allows for the possibility of a Jeff nomination. And a Jeff Nomination allows for the possibility of a Jeff Award.

And if we're lucky, Sandra Bullock won't perform anywhere near Chicago for the rest of this season, so those possibilities might bring us real, honest to goodness Jeff Awards.

Note to Sandra Bullock: Don't even THINK about coming into town on a bus and truck tour to play Jessie in "'night, Mother!: The Musical!"... I'll cut a bitch...


"I’m not a big musical fan; musicals require a falseness that makes my teeth ache. Boho’s 'Hello Again' revives my love of the genre. Michael John LaChiusa’s song cycle about love and sex across the ages has a heartfelt sweetness that doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste.

"The piece begins with a 'prostitute' soliciting a soldier; the soldier then solicits a nurse, the nurse seduces a college boy, the collegian seduces a lonely housewife, you get the picture. The decades change but the song (and the need) remains the same. No ensemble members stand out because they are all excellent; each performer exhibits the necessary vocal chops and captures the humor and bittersweet yearning the roles require.

"Co-directors Michael Ryzcek (sic) and Stephen Nader (sic) give equal time and attention to the music and the intention behind it, and it shows. The sex is steamy, the passion palpable. Nice job, folks."

Sure, she misspelled my name and Michael's name, but with a review like that, she can call me Mr. Nader! Hell, make it Ralph! I'm easy.

P.S. Yes, the top picture is one of our production pics. That's Adam and Ben, the Young Thing and the Writer, respectively. Since they both strip down to their underwear for their sex scene, I have told Boho that they should charge extra for front row seating. Right?

That said, lube will not be sold at the box office, nor will it be permitted inside the theatre. That would be ridiculous. We can't have that kind of mess, not to mention all that noise, on the front row during a performance. We're artists here, people!... Geez...


Michael Rivers said...

Glad everything went well! Looks fun. :-)

Prospero said...


Stephen said...

A Warm Hand On Your Opening!
I hope I can see it. I lived it!

philip said...

Congrats on the notices. And, like you said, if she's saying nice things, she can call you whatever you want.

Hell, I voted for Nader. Twice.

Aaron said...

Congratulations! I want to see it. With YOU. (Maybe you can explain the parts I don't get--I'm terribly naive, you know.)

David C. said...

Congratulations darling.