Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Now, My Life Is Rosie, Since I Found My Rosie..."

She's back! Miss Lola Rose has a new video on YouTube!

It's been awhile since the gorgeous Miss Lola (filmed by her wildly talented and equally beautiful daughter Jill Abrams) gave us something new to see, but like all great things, this video is WELL worth the wait!

I was so excited when I saw Miss Lola's face in my YouTube subscriptions window that I let out the Gay Gasp. No, not "a" gay gasp, "THE" Gay Gasp! It was LOUD, heads turned, faux-hawks flattened, and more than one queen in Schaumburg thought that I had not only seen Liza, but she had fallen on me, pinned me down and forced me to become her third (or is it fifth?) gay husband.

But they were wrong. It wasn't Liza, it's the OTHER woman I aspire to be and/or take as my bride - - the woman who, in one of her videos, described Ann Coulter as "a nasty twat!," which is so wildly funny because it's so absolutely true - - Miss Lola Rose!


Adventures In Gay Dating said...

OMG...I loved that ! Thanks for introducing me to Miss Lola. She f**kin' rocks.

Jill Abrams said...

We love you Stephen!