Monday, April 19, 2010

"Oh, My Stars and Garters"

Here's Kelsey Grammer in a video promoting The Right Network, a new Comcast network that is all Right Wing, all day and all night. (Watch your back, Fox News - - The Right Network is about to eat your lunch.)

Right Network's tag line is, "All that's right with the world."

(Oh, the picture to the right is Mr. Grammer as Beast from "X-Men 3." It has nothing to do with this video. It just makes me laugh.)

Currently, Mr. Grammer is starring in a revival of La Cage Aux Folles on Broadway. (I know, right? ANOTHER one? Doesn't anyone want to revive Dear World, for God's sake?)

I wonder what his Right Wing fan base thinks of Mr. Grammer starring in a musical so gay that Rip Taylor's review simply said, "Now, THAT's faggy!"

More to the point, I wonder what all those boys dressed as girls in the show, the Cagelles, think about Mr. Grammer being the spokesperson for Fox 2.0.

I'd stay firmly in my dance belt if I were you, Mr. Grammer. Those queens might get angry and they would just hold you down and do your hair, but since there ain't much hair there, they'll be searching for it in other areas.


Stephen said...

I don't get it...
Although I think he has crack timing as a comic actor & Frasier Crane was an amazing creation... why would he star in that show, & what about the feelings of his former co-star David Hyde Pierce?

You are correct, SR. He will have to wtach his back with all those chorus boy/girls.

Prospero said...

Honestly, I thought I was about to watch a FunnyOrDie clip or something when I saw this on Towleroad. Now I'm wondering why we've never heard of this network until now and why a man like Mr. Grammer would be its spokesperson; which makes me think it is a hoax or a very brazen teaser for a new Fox comedy... or at least I hope so.


I don't know if I should spit or go blind...


I wonder what his right wing fans would think of this video I shot of Kelsey's wife in the early 90s in NYC. She was an MTV dancer on Downtown Julie Brown's show but in this clip she is a go go dancer. Since many of her friends are gay, I'm sure she is appalled by him.
(flagged as "adult" so you must log on youtube to see it.) Love you Stephen!

Anonymous said...

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