Sunday, December 13, 2009

"The Wha?"

Kristen Wiig is the best thing that's happened to comedy since Imogene Coca.

By the by, yesterday during the callbacks for "Hello Again," my co-director Michael tried to communicate something to one of the actresses by referencing Imogene Coca.

As if anyone of the Lady Gaga generation has ever listened to the original cast recording of "On the Twentieth Century" or watched "The Brady Bunch" episode where Jan met Aunt Jenny.

I saw the look on the actress' face and said, "Aunt Edna in the first 'Vacation' movie. The one who dies and they put her body on top of the station wagon."

"Oh...," she said.

I give to the younger generation. All the time.

Not that they necessarily want it or care. But I give it just the same.

P.S. I could walk three blocks from my apartment and find over two hundred Chads and Trixies exactly like these "Two A-Holes." Oy...


Prospero said...

She's a nut, she's a nut, Mrs. Primrose is a nut...

(Seriously, only a massively gay theatre geek would get that reference)

Bryant said...

I am sure that Kristen would be humbled and honored to be compared to such a great talent! Both of these women make me laugh with very little effort on their part.

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA! Love it.

divaboy1 said...

Awesoem! Lover her! Love him! ... But, oy, I hate them! When did those a-holes tart taking over boystown???