Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Give Me a Kiss to Build a Dream On"

I have had this picture of James Franco hanging in my bathroom since before I knew it was James Franco.

And each time that I would stumble home from a midnight viewing of a brand new Spider-Man movie, I would smile at James and think to myself, "I was Franco when Franco wasn't cool."

But last night, Franco reached a level of cool that I could never have predicted.

The kind of cool that only hilarious, sexy, self-actualized men can acquire.

The kind of cool where he sucks face with other guys on SNL.

Christmas (among other things) came early last night.


Anonymous said...

LMAO. What I wouldn't give to wake up and have James Franco in my bathroom.


The stuff Dreams are made of.

Bryant said...

I thought about you this morning when I was watching the latest SNL. Kristen Wiig was a racoon killing Katherine Hepburn. Liberace gave James Dean (Franco) head. Franco tongue kissing the old man. When I saw those, I thought this is GOLD for Mr. Rader!

Geoff said...

What a great post! I missed the SNL clip, so thank you!

Polt said...

I LOVED SNL this week! James Franco, kissing men, Muse was musical guest, the Lawernece welk girls, Kristin Wiig, and oh did I mentioned James Franco?

And this scene was hilarious! Iw as a tad bit jealous of all the SNL guys that got to smoock him though.


Mark in DE said...

Great clip! You're right that only confident, self-actualized men would do a scene like that and not freak out.

cb said...

That is SOOOO uncomfortablicious!!! I LOVE the kisses!

philip said...

Very awesome skit.
But they missed out on comic gold.
After the girlfriend accepted all the affection, the doorbell should have rung and it should have been someone at the door with a seeing eye dog.

Everyone's eyes light up and they scream, "Yay, it's Uncle Brad and KIPPER!!!" and they rush toward the dog as we zoom in on the girlfriend's horrified face.

Come on SNL. This shit rights itself. Don't make me come over there and dickslap your writers.