Monday, December 07, 2009

"Hello, Boys and Girls!"

I have done much more than my fair share of children's theatre, and I honestly have loved it. Some of it. Mostly talking to the children afterward.

Like the time a child asked me to sign my real name, not my character name, on their program. I did, and when I told this sweet, little five year old girl to be sure and hold on to that program with my signature on it because it would be worth something someday, she rolled her eyes and let out a "Pfft" sound that could only be interpreted as, "Yeah, right. Deluded much?"

Still, I have to agree with Jason Alexander...

"Nothing is ever good that begins with the words,
'Hello, boys and girls!'"

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Stephen said...

That is very funny... & I have to agree. I have done my fair share of Children's Theatre, & I don't even like children. I did it for the $.