Sunday, February 07, 2010

"We're Caught in a Trap, I Can't Walk Out..."

Yesterday, I met Amy Matheny for a late brunch at Taste of Heaven.

I hadn't expected it, but the lovely, charming waiter had me at "Elvis Presley French Toast."

Yep, French Toast with peanut butter and bananas, topped with powdered sugar, syrup and bacon. Yes, bacon.

I was tempted to go back this morning in hopes that they would have the same special today, but I don't know if the zipper on my already straining jeans could have taken it.


Java said...

That looks amazingly good.

Anonymous said...

i think i gained 7lbs just reading this post.

Mike said...

Wow I was feeling guilty because I made myself peanut butter and bacon sandwich on toast for breakfast yesterday... I guess it could have been worse... though the Super Bowl chili was, in fact, worse for me. But only because I couldn't stop at just one bowl.

Steve said...

Hey--I've seen THE picture. It isn't the french toast that's putting the strain on your zipper!

Mr. Jealous

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. I don't think they make pants big enough to accommodate this kind of morsel. Just looking at it... eh, let me stop and click on something else. Like the stock market.