Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Welcome to the Jungle"

I'm not quite sure how I found my way there, but one of my favorite blogs these days is Comics Make No Sense, written by Adam Barnett. I HIGHLY recommend that you check it out.

"Highly" is the optimal word, because the comic panels that Adam posts are so bizarre and his writing is so hilarious, I always end up giggling and then horse-laughing as if I'd had a few tokes on the old "mowee-wowee."

And If Jungle Batman and Robin here aren't enough to convince you, go take a gander at Batman and the Joker's Boners.

I'm so not making that up. Batman's Boner. Ready for you to see.

If only it was Christian Bale...


Wonder Man said...

love it, I have to go there

Michael Rivers said...

Love it!! And yes, Christian Bale would be nice!

Prospero said...

I first realized that I might be gay when I got a boner watching a two part episode of "Speed Racer" set in the South American rain forest. Speeds shirt was a tatter of rags around his well-drawn, well-defined chest... sigh... Damn, we are so fucking gay!