Sunday, November 01, 2009

"Yes! Yes! Say it! He Vas My Boyfriend!"

This is an ad for Eastern Bloc, a trendy, hipster gay bar in the East Village.

The man on the right in the picture is Benjamin Maisani.

And when gay marriage becomes legal, he might possibly change his name and become Mrs. Anderson Cooper.

Yep, Benjamin is Andy Coopy's boo.

The lucky bitch.

Who's the lucky bitch? BOTH OF THEM! Come on!

Benjamin has scored the hottest and funniest man in TV journalism and Anderson has landed a buff, built, bar owner who could only look better in that Aquaman t-shirt if he took the fucking thing off!

I have to admit that I was pissed when I learned that Andy had a boyfriend, but anyone who loves Aquaman is, as my grandmother used to say, "good people."

So, I've given the couple my blessing.

And Benjamin gave me his.

Here we are in a late night photo.

It's a candid shot. He was giving me a breast exam.

I thought I looked good that night. This picture proves me wrong.

Remind me never to shoot Goldschlager again.

Congratulations to Anderson and Benjamin.

I'm waiting for your sex tape with bated breath.

(Funny... "bated"...)


Rex said...

Awesome blog

Love this post...

Michael Rivers said...

They do make a good couple. I, too, am jealous. Dammit. LOL

Stephen said...

Last time & was under the covers with Anderson Cooper, he failed to mention Benjamon or you, Stephen... he was moaning, "oh yeah, Stephen, that's right, right there, do it like I like it, Stephen". OMG! Was he thinking of you & not me?!?

Stephen Rader said...

Stephen - Andy Coopy could call me Hilda Hossenfeffer under the covers for all I care, as long as he's moaning and UNDER THE COVERS WITH ME!!! Or you. I'll run the video camera. I'm not picky. :)