Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Warm Leatherette"

I'm the first to admit that I've walked around in public dressed in clothes (many of them made of leather) that left very little of me private.

Yeah, that's it.

That mental picture that just flashed through your mind? That's the one. That's the outfit I'm talking about.

I've worn that and many different variations on that theme.

Bizarre, absurd, trashy outfits made of leather, Lycra and liquid latex. Clothes that Bob Mackie would design for Cher to wear to a watersports party at a sci fi, Ren Faire.

I've worn them all, and I've worn them without shame.

But y'all... This guy...

Wearing your Captain America costume just to buy the new Star Trek movie at Walmart?...

That's fucked up.

Unless you're Reb Brown. Then or now. Reb can dress like Captain America any damn time he wants to!!!

Hell, Reb almost made that see-through, plastic Cap shield work. Almost...


Michael Rivers said...

I'm not interested in Captain America, but could you send over to my place the guy who is putting on the Catwoman headpiece? Thanks!

Gyaos97 said...

Captain Walmart reminds me of that whack job lesbian who wore her red Next Generation starfleet uniform to jury selection in Little Rock, AR. It's a fucking TV show (or comic or whatever). Get a life! Having said that, Reb and that Cat headpiece guy need to stop by my house.

Mark in DE said...

Reb Brown was HOT!!