Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Beauty and Pleasure Are All We Can Hope to Understand"

I just returned home from rehearsing the song I will be singing for this Monday's Homecoming Benefit & Revue for Porchlight Music Theatre.

I'm singing "Venice" from William Finn's "Elegies," and if you live in or near Chicago, I STRONGLY recommend that you come to this event.

Not just to hear or see me (necessarily), but because the caliber of talent Porchlight has brought together for this benefit is outstanding.

I am truly honored to be on stage with these performers. And I am both honored and thrilled to have been asked to perform by Walter Stearns and Eugene Dizon - - two amazing and talented men who have been fantastic friends to me.

This is a group of us ten years ago, some time during the 27 week run of "Falsettos."

I'm the one with the baby face, back row center. Ten years of musical theatre sure can age a person, can't it?

Seriously, if you live nearby, this is the show to see. I am overwhelmed at the roster and thrilled to be a part of it. And of Porchlight's phenomenal 15 years.


AJohnP said...

GREAT song...have fun!

Stephen said...

I so look forward to seeing you perform sometime. I don't know that song... should I become acquainted with it?

Mike said...

Did somebody say open bar?

Sounds good to me.

Rex said...

awesome. do people still say "break a leg?"

Stephen Rader said...

John - Thanks

Stephen - Definitely! "Venice" is a beautiful song. Pure Finn.

Mike - I had you at "Open Bar," huh? :)

Rex - Break a leg, merde, kill the people - - whatever will give me good luck, I'll take it. :)

Michael said...

I'll be watching....don't suck.

cb said...

So, in the back row? Are you the one with the red hair, or the long blond hair??


philip said...

-I miss you.
I'm back on the 23rd.
When do I see you?

Michael said...

....did Philip just fart?

philip said...

It slipped out.

Aaron said...

Break a leg!! And Merde!!!!