Sunday, October 04, 2009

"When the Sun Comes Out..."

Yesterday's AIDS Walk was a big success!

Rain was predicted, it started off chilly (to say the least), but as Season of Concern's Team rounded the path beside the Shedd Aquarium and started the stroll down the lakefront, the sun came out.

It wasn't quite the ending of "Longtime Companion," but it definitely was nice to raise money for people living with AIDS while experiencing light breaking through the darkness.

And while we didn't match last year's "The JERSEY BOYS are on our Team" numbers, we definitely gained serious ground the week before the Walk.

As of this morning, Season of Concern's Team has raised $9,615, all of which goes directly to SOC. And the best part is that we can still receive donations online until this coming Friday. So hopefully, we'll keep the number climbing.

Sure, it took us an hour and thirty minutes to walk a little more than three miles, but as Philip says, "I don't run unless someone is behind me with a knife." So, there.

Thanks to everyone who donated, thanks to everyone to joined our team, and thanks to God for giving us some sunshine and a break in the rain during the Walk.


just me said...

You're such a beautiful man doing beautiful things...

Kevin said...

congratulations and thank you for what you do!

Aaron said...

This was only my second walk with SOC, but we've been blessed with such nice weather and great company both times! It's become something I look forward to.

philip said...

Hooray!! I so wish I could have been there!

Java said...

Congratulations to the whole team. It all looks like loads of fun, and what a great cause!

Prospero said...

So glad you had a nice day! It probably would've taken me two hours... Bless you for being the kind, wonderful and hilarious person you are!