Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Father to Son"

"Sometimes there's God so quickly."

And now, thanks to Twitter, there's "Shit My Dad Says." Every so often.

Not MY Dad. Justin's Dad. Whoever the Hell "Justin" is.

I don't know Justin, but I do know that we both learned to write down the things our parents say to us. So that we can pass on the kind hearted, but occasionally fucked up, "Yogi Berra on Rohypnol" advice and wisdom they give to us.

Unfortunately, I don't live in my mother's house or city or state, so my "Mama Wanda" Tweets (I can't believe I just wrote that...) would probably be too few and far between to maintain a large number of followers.

But Justin's dad provides him with a healthy supply of (as he calls it) "shit." And while I don't think they quite live up to my mother referring to the pouilly fuisse she drank at a restaurant as "pussy wine," I'm hooked on Justin's Dad's shit.

Well... You know what I mean.

Check out all of Justin's Dad's Tweets (Dear God... I wrote that word again...) here.

And many thanks to Steve for introducing me to "Shit My Dad Says." This is EXACTLY what I needed this week!


Alanda said...

I know- it's really funny. I always know that Steve is reading those tweets when he is sitting alone at his desk. and giggling! xo

Michael Rivers said...

These are hilarious. And very very wise!

Missie said...

Hope you're having a good one!

Java said...

Too funny! If my kids wrote something like this about me, I wonder which of my pearls of wisdom would end up on Twitter. I think I'm glad that none of my kids are on Twitter. (I don't think they are, anyway.)

Jeanne said...

I love this guy. Someone introduced him to me on Facebook (I can't believe I just wrote that!) My father is pretty boring compared to this guy.