Sunday, June 06, 2010

"Simple as Can Be. See? Liza!"

What good is sitting alone in your room?

Especially when you can sit in the Chicago Theatre and watch Liza Minnelli in concert.

That's where I'm going. Right now.

And she probably won't sing "Single Ladies" (which I LOVED in the movie, so let's start the gay debate... NOW). There's an even slimmer chance she'll sing this song from "Liza with a Z."

But if she does sing "I Gotcha!," you'll hear my gay squeal across the country.

Hell, I'm gonna squeal regardless.


Deep Dish said...

Liza was fabulous on Sunday night! She put on a great show. And you're not the only one who loved her in SATC2.

Rob T said...


Congrats on your blog, it's a nice one. Let me know if you'd like to swap links.

Cute Beauts

Stephen said...

Does she ever do material from her terrific album RESULTS, produced by Pet Shop Boys? It is my favorite Liza.

Stephen Rader said...

Stephen - No, nothing from RESULTS (which is a favorite album of mine too!), but a TON of jazz. Smart song choices, many of which are on her forthcoming new album, CONFESSIONS.

I know it's all songs, but I'd love for her to confess that she actually DID knock the Hell out of David Gest during their marriage. Not just once, but frequently! :)

Anonymous said...

I gotcha? NO!

I like Liza but funky/sexy she is NOT!

Fyi...I saw Joe Tex sing "I Gotcha" when I was a wee girl. I think he was wearing an orange poly pant-suit :D (in case you didn't know, he's the original artist)

I do love Liza's outfit. I could rock that!


just me said...

Ok, now remember, in these days she was doing a lot of drugs, I think...this sucks balls, I'm sorry...yeah, it was Joe Tex who did it first. I should know that...