Sunday, March 07, 2010

"What Fresh Hell Is This?"

This past week was very hard.

Lots of uncertainty, tons of stress, and lately, every time I turn around, there's a new stick waiting for me to spin a plate on it. In other words...

"I'm too fucking busy...
or vice versa."
- Dorothy Parker

At the present time, however, unlike Mrs. Parker, I'm only "fucking busy." I don't go both ways.

Reminds me of the time my friend John Cardone asked me if I was a bottom or a top. I told him I was (and am) versatile. John replied...

"Versatile. Spelled B-O-T-T-O-M."

Here's wishing that the quote above becomes reality for us all soon. With the word "busy" before "fucking." Always.


Stephen said...

"Heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common”
Dorothy Parker

Stephen Rader said...

Stephen - Have I told you lately that I adore you? Thank you for this quote. I had never seen this one before. Mrs. Parker was WAY ahead of her (and our) time. Thanks!