Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I Am the Modern Man"

Now, this is what I call cosplay.

Who needs all that bulky armor? This picture proves that in cosplay, as in all things, less is more.

Unless you're Cher. With Cher, more is more.

But with this "Iron Man with iPhone," amateur Tony Stark, the less armor, the better.

I can't wait to see his repulsor. (Yeah, yeah... You were thinking the same thing...)

But if he's Tony in this scene (and let's face it, he can be any damn thing he wants to if I'm involved or just in the room), that makes me Pepper Potts.

Not a problem. I've been much worse for much worse.

Now, where did I put that Gwyneth Paltrow mask?


Stephen said...


Michael Rivers said...

What a fun picture!! I'm a Pepper too!

RAD said...

LIKE LIKE LIKE!!! Super Hero anytime!

Polt said...

I saw this somewhere else yesterday and after coming out of my sexy-man induced coma, my first thought was..."wow, Stephen would probably like that!"

I know you so well because I think EXACTLY like you !:)