Saturday, July 31, 2010

"This Isn't a Wig, I Have Loose Scalp"

We've waited a long time for it, but it's here...

It's finally here!

A new episode of "Katie's Corner."

With my good friend Alexandra Billings channeling the late, great Katharine Hepburn.

That's me and Alex in the pic on the right.

I could tell you what we were doing at that moment, but it would shock the children.


Andrew J. said...

I absolutely love this. Im not sure why it makes me laugh more than other Katie's Corners. I just hope she keep them coming. There's more comic gold to mine in these videos than anything "commercially available."

BTW, I just typed this on my i-peed.

Kevin said...

"...and that's how you do it!"

love katie/alex!