Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"I Want You to Hit Me as Hard as You Can"

From what I can tell from this picture taken during the filming of "Giant," James Dean apparently thought that Rock Hudson needed a good cock-punching.

All I have to say to that is... Atta girl!

Now, to be sure, Rock probably enjoyed getting his cock punched by Jimmie Dean. Hell, Rock probably asked for it. Okay, begged for it. I know I would have. If that punch was aimed at my backside instead of my front, that is.

But most men probably doesn't appreciate a hard fist slamming into and around a bulging package. So, let's play a little game.

It's called "Who Do You Think Needs a Good Cock-Punching Right Now?"

So, tell me. Who would you push to the front of the line if someone was offering free and painful cannonballs to the cock?

Mel Gibson, Dick Cheney and every executive at BP start my list. But again, Darth Cheney would probably enjoy it. Seriously. He's probably laugh and start begging for a harder cock-punching.

God, I hate dudes who top from the bottom. Oy...


Stephen said...

I vote for Kelsey Grammer.
I am unhappy about the entire starring in Le Cage Aux Folles & being frinds with David Hyde Pierce... but servicing the Radical Right.


Prospero said...

Target; NOM; the entire Bush/Cheney Administration; Ann Coulter; FOX News; Elizabeth Hasselbeck; Kelsey Grammar... the list goes on and on. Of course, it would most definitely NOT be a 'fun' cock punch.

Peter said...

The GOP, tea party members [male & female] WBC and any Gay hating group in the Americas and abroad. Numerous times of course, one hit is never enough.

Let them feel what we feel when attacked.